My passion photography, my inspiration is family; community and nature. As a child playing in the streams and lakes of north Alabama, climbing trees, drawing , painting and being endlessly fascinated by the creatures and people and how they enter-act with the world around them. With a desire to share the world as seen through my eyes, which lead to my advertising slogan.

                                               "Look deep into My Eyes, To Reveal the Art of Real Life ! "

           Coming from a long line of artist, as a child I would spend hours drawing, painting and thinking about becoming a professional artist. I have followed my passion for art and design, with cutting edge award winning photography. 


Hobbies: Art, My Motorcycle, traveling, SUP Boarding                                         
Music: Almost all Music! , Music, it moves the soul...

                                             Live Life Out Loud!                                 Seize the day!


                                                Revealing the Art of Real Life is my Passion ! mj




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